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Summer Research Project Placements 2017

Q Step Summer Research Placements 2017

We are delighted to announce that current Level 2 students studying in the Faculties of Arts, Environment, ESSL and LUBS can now apply for the Summer Research Placement Scheme.  This year there are 30 placements available, including some very exciting projects with external partner organisations.

These have been made possible via the very generous support of LUBS Faculty, alumni Footsteps Fund and Q-steps project funding.

Chosen candidates will benefit by:

The Placement scheme provides a great opportunity for undergraduate students and leading academics/research staff to benefit from collaboration on a live research project hosted within one of four Faculties: Arts, Business, Environment or Education, Social Sciences and Law or within an external organisation.

Each placement is of 5-weeks duration starting with a compulsory Research Methods training course 3 – 7 July 2017 followed by a 4 week placement on a research project during the summer break.

Click here for PLACEMENT FEEDBACK to see what previous placement students and project leaders said about their involvement in the scheme.


Please download an APPLICATION FORM here to apply now.

Please send a fully completed application form and an up-to-date CV (including all grades for 1st and 2nd year modules to-date) electronically via email to a.j.denny@leeds.ac.uk

APPLICATION DEADLINE extended to:  11.59 pm Thursday 4th May 2017

You will be notified by email of the initial selection decision. Short-listed candidates may be asked to attend an informal interview as part of the selection process.

Successful applicants will be required to meet their project supervisor before the end of Semester Two to discuss the practical details of starting their Placement in summer 2017.

If you have any questions please contact Andrea Denny via e-mail: a.j.denny@leeds.ac.uk


2017 PROJECTS (click on each project for details)

The first 3 or 4 letters in the project reference indicate which Faculty the project is located in eg. ENV – Faculty of Environment, or EXT – externally hosted project.  But please note that students may apply for any of the projects listed below, irrespective of their home Faculty/subject area.

Externally hosted projects:

Full project brief here: EXT-01-EVOLVE_Impact of Evolve interventions-children’s health, wellbeing_personal development

Full project brief here: EXT-02-LEEDS CC_BME representation amongst lower paid roles in Leeds City Council

Full project brief here: EXT-03-WYCA_Evaluating impact_business support_West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Full project brief here: EXT-04-SFC_Evaluating business development services at Skills for Care

Project brief: EXT-05-LCC_GIS_Mapping Trees City Centre (2 placement students)

Project brief: EXT-06-LCC_GIS_Green Infrastructure – Mapping & Analysis

Project brief: EXT-10-LCC – GI Map – Background_Guidance for Developers

The Department of Health (DH) helps people to live better for longer. They lead, shape and fund health and care in England, making sure people have the support, care and treatment they need, with the compassion, respect and dignity they deserve. DH is a ministerial department, supported by 15 arm’s length bodies and a number of other agencies and public bodies. The first placement will work with the Social Care, Aging and Disability Directorate. Two further placement projects are being offered, working with the Acute Care and Workforce Directorate.

Full project briefs here:

EXT-07-DHJS_1 Long term demand for adult social care services

EXT-08-DH_2 Workforce Information Architecture tool and mapping

EXT-09-DH_3 Student finance reforms-Development of a monitoring and evaluation reporting suite


University of Leeds based projects:


ENV-02-RB_small business resilience in Kirkstall post 2015 floods

ENV-03-AS_Housing and Partisan Politics in the United States

ENV-04-AT_The Impact of Welfare Reform in Leeds

ENV-05-KL_student engagement behaviour in School of Geography

ENV-06-GH_RDS study_quantify_analyse private protected areas in Chile

ESSL-07-AV_Analysing transnational lives using EU-CROSS dataset

ESSL-08-VS_Smartphone data collection_study environmental behaviour

ESSL-09-SL_Responding to Child-to-Parent Violence (CPV

ESSL-10-AF_Minorites, Migrants and the Brexit vote_Northern England

LUBS-11-CQP_Entrepreneurship strategy to improve talent in Public Administrations

LUBS-12-LK_How social enterprises co-create innovative medical devices_low-resource settings

LUBS-13-BS_How does the general population view digital addiction

LUBS-14-BS_Digital addiction – uncovering the reality of students’ digital use

LUBS-15_KU_Does Regulation Increase Pro-Environmental Behaviour in the Long-Run

LUBS-16-MS_Marks and Progress of Year Abroad Students

LUBS-17-JC_Impact of GVC participation_economic activity between economies

LUBS-18-JCHV_development implications of GVC participation_developing economies

LUBS-19-TD_Centralization vs Localization in International Human Resources Strategy

LUBS-20-IK_Performing masculinities in home-based business

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