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Chris profile photoProfessor Chris Forde

Professor of Employment Studies & Leeds Q-Step Coordinator

Contact Details
Room: 2.01, 31 Lyddon Terrace

Tel: 0113 343 2619
Email: cjf@lubs.leeds.ac.uk

Research Interests

My research interests look at the changing nature of work. I conduct research into temporary agency working, which looks at the changing structure of the agency industry and the experience of work for agency temps. I also conduct research into migration, looking in particular at the experiences of migrant workers, asylum seekers and refugees. I have further research interests in restructuring, job quality, discipline and grievance at work, and the effects of collective bargaining on performance.  I have published widely across these interests and have received funding for my research from ACAS, BIS, the European Parliament, the International Labour Organisation, and the Home Office.

My research utilizes a broad range of research methods, including qualitative and quantitative approaches, and the use of archival data.


Danat Valizade Danat profile photo

Lecturer in Quantitative Methods, Leeds University Business School

Contact Details
Room: B.04, 31 Lyddon Terrace
Tel: 0113 343 0045
Email: D.Valizade@leeds.ac.uk

Research Interests

My main research interests are centred on the system of employee representation and behavioural aspects of labour negotiations. I am also interested in human resource management practices and their influence on employee representation, employee experiences and well-being and organizational outcomes.

My broader research interests cover such themes as the variety of labour market regimes and social partners (trade unions, employers and the state) involvement in the development of labour market and social policies.


I work as a Lecturer in the Work and Employment Relations Division and am currently teaching on the LUBS Q-Step module ‘Understanding Data in the Social Sciences’.

Prior joining Leeds University Business School I occupied various positions at the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia.


Dr Albert Varela

Lecturer in Quantitative Methods, University of Leeds 

I obtained a PhD and MA from the University of Sheffield and a degree in Political Science from Universitat Pompeu Fabra. I have previously taught Social Statistics at the Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (Manchester) and Social Policy at the Department of Sociological Studies (Sheffield).

Research Interests

My main research interests are in social policy and inequalities in relation to the labour market and the welfare state. I am particularly interested in the use of quantitative methods, especially latent variable models and longitudinal data analysis, with national and comparative secondary datasets to understand these issues.


I am a member of the University of Leeds Q-Step Centre leading a step-change in the organisation and delivery of quantitative methods training in the social sciences. I teach in a range of modules on Research Methods, Social Policy and Social Inequalities in the School of Sociology and Social Policy.

Contact Details
Room: SSB, 12.02
Tel: 0113 343 4427
Email: a.varela@leeds.ac.uk


Andrea Denny

Cross-disciplinary Programme Development Officer, Leeds Q Step Centre

Contact Details
Room: 3.01, Maurice Keyworth Building
Tel: 0113 343 3287
Email: A.J.Denny@leeds.ac.uk

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